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My mom is admittedly not a very good cook, except she is. She is VERY brave and just laughs off failure. When we were kids she would take any recipe she found, remove 1/2 the sugar and whatever other ingredients she didn't approve of and call it good. This was before Pinterest and Keto and Paleo. (We ate rice cakes and tofu before you could buy them at a typical grocery store). Eventually, we (the daughters) convinced her that she couldn't bake. She can, we just no longer wanted "sweets" that were not sweet. My mom will still tell us that applesauce is dessert and that honey nut cherrios are too sweet. She is right, I now tell my own kids this wonderful truth.

So to my great suprise when we visited her last year she sent us home with a big bowl of Pasta Salad to eat in the car. (Because my mom also thinks ANY food is travel food). Hubby and I ate the ENTIRE bowl in the first minutes of our trip. It was so good!

I called her for the recipe and in my mom's typical response she said she would have to think about it. She had made it from a recipe but had changed things (oh, no). But she texted me what she did. I texted back MULTIPLE times to confirm. The dressing to this recipe had a CUP of sugar in it (IN SALAD!) and she said "oh yes, that is what makes it so good". Well, I'm not sure what has happened to my mother and her acceptance that sugar is okay, but I started making that recipe right away and I CUT THE SUGAR IN HALF! Just like my mother did when I was young....and then I added it right back in. Because it is what makes it so good. It's crunchy, full of veggies and you can make it gluten and dairy free. 

I have been making this recipe often. It makes a LOT, stores for a few days and is filling. That is what I need right now. We are all home, we are all hungry and we need to remember to eat some veggies with our CUP OF SUGAR. 

Here is the recipe   if you would like to make it too. Call your mom, she might surprise you with a new recipe.

Dr. Annise

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I posted these photos of VIOLET JELLY! 
​I want to share with EVERYONE! Because it makes me smile and sigh.

Deeply sigh! 

It's so amazing to me that these little purple (have I mentioned that purple is my favorite color?) flowers grow in the woods on our land, they are just there, peeking out, decorating the forrest floor.

When boiled into tea, the tea is a dark blue and then when you add lemon juice....BAM! purple again. It's magic! (well, chemistry, but that is basically the same thing). And it made me reflect on color changes...leaves in the fall, snow cone straws, self striping yarn...DEEP SIGH, I love color changes.

It started months ago in the Plum Deluxe Tea group on facebook when lots of people were posting photos of "Butterfly" tea mixed with lemonade; then our homeschool Co-op, on the last day we met before #stayhome orders, poured blue tea into lemonade for the preschoolers so they could watch it change colors. I was mesmerized, even more than the preschoolers! Next, my sweet friend Molly posted pictures of her Violet Jelly with a similar color change and I went straight into my yard and texted her pictures of purple flowers next to my house in the hopes they were the same (NOPE they are Vincas). But then Hubby texted me a photo during his walk in the woods and said "is this what you are looking for"? YES!!!! Heart shaped leaves and deep purple flowers.

So, I walked out of my dirty house, basket in hand, left the kids on screens (don't worry they interrupted us via cel phone calls several times during our walk), and picked two cups of violets while Hubby searched for mushrooms. I sighed deeply while picking them. I just couldn't believe they were there. Purple flowers ready for the Violet Jelly recipe.
It's not a new skill, it's not "taking advantage of this quarantime", it's not even a to-do list. It is AWE. The colors are awesome! There is something about color changing that makes me smile.

I love color changing leaves, straws, spoons and best of all YARN.

I hope that you have a deep sigh when you see these photos, it happened for me. I just can't help but smile. And the jelly is delicious, really delicious! 

I have been meaning to start an Blog for years and Violet Jelly is the perfect excuse. (that link will give you my recipe).

Love, Dr. Annise

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